In the immediate vicinity of Vieste, there is a qualified tourist village that is one of the most beautiful in Italy.

Torresilvana has the privilege of being located in an enviable position, along the ridge of a hill that dominates the entire Pizzomunno promenade and the “del Castello” beach. In five centuries Torresilvana has remained intact while the Tower and the village transmit their history to us.

The style of this stately home with its uncertain origins is not typical of the territory. It is a house built alongside a watchtower that reminds one of the sumptuous Bourbon buildings constructed on this land. Most of these buildings belonged to noble Naeopolitan families that moved to this territory and were donated to them by king Karl de Bourbon. In 1500, the King commissioned the construction of a set of watchtowers to defend the territory from the Turks and Pirates. There are two theories that lead back to the origins of these constructions: for as much as regards the tower called “Dogana”, because of its vicinity to Vieste, on the basis of hisorical reports that have been handed down to us it is supposed that this tower needed a building with stables and bedrooms to host soldiers and men of the Bourbonic noble family to defend this territory and to collect duties and unjust taxes from wayfarers travelling through it. These taxes did not usually proceed from the king but from the trustee landowners.

Subsequently, during the 1800s and up to the beginning of the 1900s, it became a monastry of Naepolitan Carmelite monks who gave this building a baroque style.
The monks cultivated wine, oil and bred courtyard animals, goats, sheep and mules. The mules were used to cultivate the land and to transport goods.
Subsequently, both the tower and the building were transformed into an oil mill.
During the 1950s the tower, its cultivations and its building were abandoned by the farmers in favour of the industrial mirage. During the many years of negligence the tower suffered serious damage to the first floor structure.

It was purchased by the TANGARI – MAZZONE families in the 80s who are still the owners today. Silvana loved this village so much that she entirely renovated the buildings and part of the Tower including its 25,000 square metre property. She extended it by adding a few terraced houses amidst the magnificent olive groves and founded a very prestigious tourist company that is renowned not only in the vicinity but also as one of the most beautiful and ancient homes of the Puglia region. The whole property, dedicated to farming and tourism, is managed by the owners Antonio, Silvana, and Gianpaolo Tangari.

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